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He'd made it to the crossroads, but not in time to do anything but find a waiting glove. The carriage had long gone and with it, his wife. Athos isn't even sure if he's disappointed or broken, because he still doesn't know whether he'd been going to see her off or to join her, but he cannot imagine abandoning the Musketeers completely, but knows that he could not leave her either. With her back in his life and all her debts gone, Athos can see them as who they are.

No more lies. No more deceit. They will simply be the people they actually are and they will try. For some reason, this is something that stirs Athos' heart in a way that he hasn't felt in years. He thinks back to Las Vegas and how Faith had been intoxicating then, with her dark hair and her knowing eyes, but even then it had just been Anne that he wanted.

And now, he has her glove, but nothing else.

He makes it back to Paris and finds himself standing at the door that he knows will bring him to the Nexus.

He doesn't wait at all before going through it, though he knows that yet again, his challenge will be finding Milady, when she is constantly one step ahead of him.
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In truth, Athos thinks he should have stopped at the third bottle of wine, but his decisions have been poor as of late and he fears they are so because of Milady's return into his life. He has to wonder if he isn't deliberately sabotaging everything because he is leading up to a decision in which he takes her back into his life for them to start over.

He knows for a fact his friends will think him weak and stupid, but there is a part of Athos that cannot be separated from the affection and love he holds for her. They will be forever intertwined. Why not allow himself to chance at happiness again? And yet, he cannot resolve the decision, which has led him to the overconsumption of alcohols in recent days.

Tonight is red wine. He has just done away with the bottle as he staggers out, but finds himself incapable of moving in the hallway, given that he runs into a rather strange padded creature of a thing, standing in his way. "You're blocking the way," Athos mumbles drunkenly.
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New to Paris, Athos is still learning the intricacies of a city after living so long in his home, removed from so much. And yet, he cannot go back there. There is death all around. He wonders, at times, how Catherine does it, but then, he has his own ways of coping and they resoundingly involve alcohol and plenty of it. Tonight has been no different, but after his third bottle, his directions grow muddled. The other Musketeers had left for their own devices (he recalls the big one citing a card game and the charming one leaving with a woman) while the others had merely ignored him.

And so, he has tried to follow the Seine back to the garrison.

He makes it to Rue Rivoli, but then doesn't recall whether he ought to be turning left or right. Eventually, he crosses a bridge and ends up in a quaint little courtyard in a place that smells of dyes and textiles. There is a seemingly comfortable pile of straw in the corner that Athos stumbles towards, clearing his throat as he curls his bottle in and beds down in this stranger's home. Surely they will take pity on him, if they were to find him.

If not, then he supposes it will only be one more reason that Paris will not work for him.
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He has been drinking for some time.

Apparently, in this city of bright lights, gold coins go a very long way. Athos hadn't travelled very far from the door, sitting himself upon a stool and beginning to make his way through as much wine as he possibly could. Two bottles in, he has made a great friend of the bartender, who does not mind that Athos has little to say to him. There are gold coins for the taking and Athos has no care for money. He has plenty of money. He is a Comte living in a hovel. He has more money than he knows what to do with.

The wine of the future tastes empty, though, as though it lacks in strength. He has been given many odd stares for his weaponry, but Athos will not dismiss them, knowing that he is not so dangerous when he is drunk. After all, he can still shoot from five paces away and if Porthos can shoot a melon off Aramis' head when drunk, then Athos can wear his weapons.

When he looks up, after another glass, he now realizes that he is not alone. "How long have you been here?" Athos asks of the beauty beside him, puzzled and rather worried that he is lapsing time.
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I don't understand.

What sort of contrary device is this. Take it from me, if you want, I have no need for the constant beeping and voices.
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Direct your questions regarding gameplay with Athos to the comments of this post! This is not an in-character mailbox, it is for OOC plotting. Comments are screened.
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CHARACTER NAME: Olivier Athos de la Fère


Slowtagging: Absolutely fine.
Canon-puncturing: Please stay away from that. Athos has enough issues.
Offensive subjects: Athos will generally be numbed by drink to care too much.


Hugging this character: It would be like hugging a cactus.
Kissing this character: This one is much better, he will respond happily.
Flirting with this character: Though he is out of practice, he will happily flirt back.
Fighting with this character: Yes. Athos is well-armed and will fight back.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Absolutely. Please place a line in the dropbox as to how much you want to harm him.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go for it! There's a lot of angst there.

General Warnings: Athos is a functioning alcoholic and while he has a great deal of control over his behaviour when drunk, he can still be somewhat offputting and sharp.


At this point in time, no one has godmod rights.
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aka Athos
name.Olivier d'Athos de la Fère
nicknames.Athos, Comte de la Fère
occupation.King's Musketeer
education.The best money could buy

dating status.Single
dating history.Divorced
family.Dead brother, brothers-in-arms

Though once, Athos had been a happy young man in the throes of passion, that devotion, loyalty and joy died the same day as his wife (though she is far from dead). It is most generous to say, then, that Athos' personality took a great about-turn on that day. Beforehand, Athos held family as his highest duty. He loved dearly and openly, showing his affection with ease. There were many occasions to laugh and be joyful, especially with Thomas (his brother) at his side and Anne (his wife) in his arms. After the dreadful day, Athos' personality shifts to accommodate the tear in his heart. He no longer laughs, but can be brought to a smile by the misadventures of his friends. Still, emotions are difficult for Athos, who exists behind a sturdy wall of heartbreak that he's unwilling to push through. Some seek closure. Athos is not one of them.

While the experience with Anne shaped his personality, Athos has begun to improve from it. His tendency to dive into a bottle still remains and he is by and large as functioning an alcoholic as a King's Musketeer can be, but he also has retained that loyalty and duty to his family. He's merely chosen his family this time by electing Porthos and Aramis as his brothers, and Tréville a sort of father figure. Athos is devoted to serving his cause, but has learned how to put his emotions aside and barricade them up so they cannot affect him in the thick of battle.

Perhaps one day, he will even laugh again. Still, with Milady's treachery so close in his heart (despite five year's of removal), Athos functions on a day to day basis with the help of his friends and heavy wine. He holds regret deep in his heart and though he knows Anne to be a murderess, he will never stop regretting the order to put her to death.
Athos is the finest swordsman in the Musketeer regiment. Even while drunk, he can shoot adequately and holds quite a talent for fighting.
Born into nobility, Athos only knew one life. It was a life of riches and sumptuous things and everyone seemed happy to live to such excess. He was raised alongside his brother, Thomas, in the type of home that hung portraits of their ancestors and staffed twenty servants. They always made Athos uncomfortable, however, and he began to learn that being noble hardly meant that one had to be removed. He spent time in the village and eventually, met Anne. Unaware of her past, he fell deeply in love with her and they were wed. Their happiness was not to last forever. Thomas discovered Anne's history as a thief and, threatened that he would expose her lies, she killed him. Upon discovering this, Athos obeyed the law and had her put to death by way of the noose.

He could not watch.

He should have.

Heartbroken and aimless, Athos went on a drunken and violent bender in the empty house, tearing Anne's picture from the wall and beginning his long descent into the bottle. Eventually, he made his way to Paris to escape the small village that bore his ghosts and though his title offered him many options, Athos opted for work that would occupy his hands and mind. He joined the King's Musketeers under Tréville's guidance and was introduced to two of the most irredeemable men he would ever met. Porthos, a consummate gambler unpopular in society, and Aramis, a woman's man with poor judgment, decided to befriend him. For five years, Athos carried the guilt, regret, and heartbreak of putting his wife to death and though he remained deep in that grief and relied heavily upon wine, he also had built himself a small family. With d'Artagnan's arrival, Athos saw the opportunity to teach someone else burdened with grief. It was as if he could correct his own past through someone else. It was promising and it was necessary, for Athos also found that the ghost which haunted him was not a ghost at all. Anne had never been dead. He had merely been naive to think that she would go easily. With her presence now back in his life, Athos struggles to find a place for himself in Paris with the knowledge that the last five years of guilt have been a lie.
Athos is a functioning alcoholic with access to a number of weapons. He has fought drunk before, both with sword and gun, and there's little chance of him drying out. However, he is incredibly controlled and restrained and is not dangerous unless provoked while deep in drink.
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